Add-on Software

Fully Integrated with ECi e-automate® ERP Software

All of e-automate's add-on solutions work seamlessly with the e-automate business system so you’re not working with multiple software platforms to perform tasks and retrieve information.


Our most popular add-on product! RemoteTech™ software is a fully integrated add-on module for e-automate that field technicians use to receive, review, and fulfill despatched service calls from almost any mobile device.

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Dealer Gateway
Achieve new levels of efficiency and link your e-automate system to your manufacturers database with the Dealer Gateway.

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Remote Service Manager™ is an add-on module for Service Managers who need to easily view and manage calls for their service teams using a mobile device. With this product, Managers can take the despatch console into the field and view key productivity reports, schedule and reassign calls and more.

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E-info is a fully integrated web portal that dealers use to exchange information found in e-automate with your customers. Customers can log in to a dedicated, secure and customised website where they can perform activities like: order supplies and check status on previous orders, input meter readings, request service calls, check account information and much more!

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PO Processor

PO Processor is an add-on module that reduces the hassle of purchase orders by digitally connecting to manufacturers in real-time and automatically generating a PO as selections are made.

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Digital Barcode

Digital Barcode is an add-on module for e-automate users allowing them to scan barcode labels to better manage parts, supplies and equipment. Using a handheld PDA with a barcode scanning attachment, users can quickly scan stock transfers, receipts and shipments into e-automate in real time.

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Digital Quote Manager

Digital Quote Manager is a powerful tool for both Sales Managers and their reps. It includes an admin tool for managers that allows them to define specific equipment and accessory configurations, route cost assignments and sales rep assignments. Once these aspects are defined and the rules are set-up, sales reps can create quotes in a fraction of the time using correct equipment configurations.

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e-automate Commissions

e-automate Commissions  addresses the many variations of commission plans used across the Office Equipment industry. This comprehensive solution takes the manual work and hassle out of calculating commissions while ensuring pinpoint accuracy.

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