ECi e-automate® ERP Software

Complete business management software for companies that sell and service technology

E-automate software is a fully integrated business software solution developed specifically for businesses that sell and service technology. Today, more than 1,400 companies, including many leading copier dealers, trust e-automate to manage their daily business processes including accounting, contracts, stock, purchasing, sales, service and more, saving time, money and manpower.

All business functions seamlessly integrate into one easy-to-use interface, giving you complete insight into your business and allowing for better decision-making. The capability of automating many processes will help reduce errors and duplication of effort, while allowing you and your team to focus less on everyday tasks and more on growing your business.

Ideal for both large and small companies, e-automate makes complex business simple.

  • Service Features

    e-automate service features
    • Log, clear, dispatch and invoice service calls
    • Recommends service call assignments based on technicians qualifications and ability to reassign calls
    • Technician stock replenishment
    • Chargeable service call billing
    • Handles incomplete calls for parts
    • Document queuing: contract invoice email distribution
    • Seamlessly integrated with RemoteTech® product
    • Seamlessly integrated with DeskTech product
  • Accounting Features

    e-automate accounting features
    • Manage receivables and payables
    • Perform general ledger, journal entries (regular and automate entries)
    • Conduct banking transactions and reconciliation
    • Credit limit flag on service calls and sales orders
    • Subsidiary ledger module
    • Manage equipment through ‘Equipment Lists’ which includes repository of machine, serial tracking, location, condition status and more
  • Inventory Features

    e-automate inventory icon
    • Inventory logistics management:
      • P.O. generation
      • Manage transfers and auto transfer replenishment for technicians
      • Automate PO creation when items need reordering
    • Manage multiple warehouses and bins
    • Auto set min and max variables based on historical usage
    • Physical inventory module
    • Seamlessly integrates with Digital Barcode™ product
  • Contract Features

    e-automate contract features
    • Automated contract billing
    • Meter collection system
    • Automated meter requests, integrates with data collection agents
    • Seamlessly integrates with FMAudit, meter collection
    • Receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire
    • Can determine contract profitability at contract equipment level
    • Document queuing: contract invoice email distribution
  • Sales Features

    e-automate sales features
    • Handles quotes, orders and invoices
    • Manage picking, shipping and invoicing process
    • Generate picking lists
    • Manage order status
    • RMA module which handle customer returns or credit memos
    • Document queuing: contract invoice email distribution
  • Purchasing Features

    e-automate purchasing features
    • Automated PO generation
    • Link PO to sales order and service calls
    • Receive orders
    • Automated transfer request generation
    • RTV module
  • Reporting Features

    accounts receivable icon

    Comprehensive management and financial reporting capabilities including:

    • Contract profitability
    • Comparative financials
    • Robust service statistics
    • Inventory evaluation
    • Ability to create customised reports and drill down to view in depth information.
    • Easily view the critical information you need to make better decisions, faster.

The following tools are complementary and included with every e-automate system purchase.

  • e-agent

    Set customised, automated alerts including:

    • Auto PO generation
    • Auto technician replenishment
    • Past due service call alert
    • Auto meter reading request
    • Contract expiration alert
    • Auto post recurring journal entries
    • Customer hold status
    • Auto invoice contracts
    • Auto recognised deferred revenue
    • Auto update stocking levels
    • And many more!
  • e-views

    • Data mining tool
    • Ability to create your own reports
    • Link to excel for pivot table creation
    • Right click on transaction to view drill down to related transactions
    • Create corporate reviews and favourites
    • See the last time a record was updated and by whom
  • e-automate Help

    • (Formally S.T.E.P.S.)
    • Robust searching
    • Basic context sensitivity
  • Spreadsheet Utilities

    • Import bulk data into e-automate using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
      • Customers, equipment, items, G/L, payments, meters and more
      • Inventory item update utility
  • Contract Import Utility

    • Import singular contract data from a spreadsheet

Each of the following extensions are available for an added cost and not included with a standard e-automate system purchase.

  • Contract Import Utility PRO

    • Import bulk contract data from a single spreadsheet, great for managed services and acquisitions
    • Bulk import contracts tab to limited file or excel file
  • Leasing Module

    • Better manage in-house leasing transactions
    • Generate lease amortisation and reconciliation reports
    • Bill to lease payment on contract
    • Split interest and revenue
  • Budget Utility

    • Simultaneously manage multiple budgets by period, account, department and branch
    • Create budget details from previous actuals
    • Important and manage details from Excel
    • Budget to actual comparative reporting
  • User Management Utility

    • Update system permissions from e-automate client
    • Manage users, groups and templates from the e-automate client

e-automate Hosted

  • A fully hosted solution
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Data backup are performed by e-automate
  • Server is maintained by e-automate instead of your business
  • Remote server maintenance reduces loss of productivity due to server downtime
  • Eliminate expenditures on hardware, software and depreciation and increase cash flow
  • Save time by eliminating need to research software compliance issues
  • Full e-automate suite and most add-ons available